My new extraordinary site

Guess what peoples I know I might have mentioned this before but my mom and I are going to make a super cool website like Clubpenguin but not too much like it just a little bit of what Clubpenguin has.The site name is going to be the reason why it is .mobi instead of .com is because if it is .mobi people can go to it on their phones too. but I need some help, I need some ideas, like how do you design your self at first and later, the games,your petpal list(friend list)(what shape how will it look like, and anything else you can think of so i am asking you guys to give me some Ideas, if I pick your idea once the site is made there will be a dedication page and your user name will be on it. So that’s about it, oh and the two main characters are Turtles and Iquannas.

Well see ya,

need to eat some Mac n cheese,



8 Responses

  1. hey you should make it so you don’t need to pay to get items!editors comment: wait are you talking about clubpenguin?

  2. no you should make it free like you dont have to have a membershipeditors comment: only if you dont wanna draw ur own character

  3. just make it so we don’t have to buy something in real lifeeditors comment: Its gonna be free but if you want to draw your own character then it costs money

  4. WHEN IS IT GOING TO BE READY AND CAN I HELP CREATE IT OTHER THAN GIVING YOU IDEAS LIKE MAYBE BE PART OF A TEAM LIKE IN CLUB PENGUIN JUST BUT THE TEAM OF YOUR WEBSITEeditors comment: I would love new ideas the reason why its taking soo long is because the computer that has powerpoint i only use 1-2 times a week and every1 keeps telling me what they vote for which I like, so I keep changing it.

  5. hey maybe make it so there are player moderators and can i please be part of the team of your website if there is a team like in clubpenguin the clubpenguin team but for your website so i can help run it when its ready!?!?!?!editors comment: I would like to say yes, but i will have to see and think about it first

  6. hey you could make like missions like they have on clubpenguin and also pets for your charter like on neopets they have pet pets!

  7. when the site will be ready?editors comment: it takes a long time to make so i am guessing sometime next year.

  8. yo so its harry59pink when is it going be done Editors comment: still workin on it, the type i want to make takes time, and websites like this are not easy to make, and also i am busy helping a guy out with a fungus website so i am pretty busy right now thank you very much. lol [:

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