Guess what peoples!!!! There is this one cool awesome drink that I just discovered and it has caffiene x 2!!! so it has double caffiene and it comes in 2 flavors, red eye (cherry) and something else but it’s blueberry. I say the Red eye one tastes better and gets you more caffienated. Thats why I am up so late  because I had 2 of them. both flavors. accually I would probably be up anyways, but not so hyper. this afternoon when I had the red one I was going crazy man! I was all happy and excited that I found a new yummy drink and also I got this program with my friend Feliz and we can get lots of coins with it for clubpenguin. Well anyways, if you get the drink a serving size is 12 oz. which is one bottle. I perferr you get Red Eye flavor, it’s really yummy.Sorry if I said stuff over and over again if I didAny ways it is named Jolt and I got mine in UC Irvine Stricklands near the albertsons and Ginas pizza and Happy nails and a whole lot of other stuff. Sorry if I am typing alot, It;s just that it’s a really cool drink I love it it has more caffiene then Mountain Dew, it has a graph on the bottle on the bottom.

Well see ya,

need to go to bed which is kinda inpossible.



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