Club penguin Camping!

Hey peoples the club penguin is now Camp Penguin. Here are some radical details.

The Pizza Parlor turned into Mess Hall, Inside is all messy and way different!

The dock turned into kinda a awesome camping living room.

The Ice berg turned into well, nothing.

And there are way more interesting things, but you have to go to clubpenguin to find out!

Click Below

See ya,



6 Responses

  1. to get a yellow puffle click on the blue puffle twice then the red one seventimes then go to the end page and it will be yellow

  2. my names billybob and im a billybob haa im bilybob did i tell u im billybob coz im billybob from billybob

    P.S im called billybob

  3. to win a secret igloo u have to go to the ice berg and get bann and then the next day when youre not bann go to your igloo and press down right up lefft down down and itt wil say he moderators have rewarded you they forgive you collect youre prize then press y

  4. sup im thegame321 i always get on mamoth add me editors comment: oh ok… i will think about it.

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