Clubpenguin New postcards

Hey peoples,

There are new post cards on clubpenguin, starting yesterday. One of them is an invitation to go fishing. The other one is an invitation to go camping.

Also if you are a secret agent there is a new mission named Avalanche Rescue, The first part go to the Shop in the ski village and there is a plastic penguin with a belt, click the belt and then drag it into your inventory. go outside the shop and then when you see the crying penguin stop, click the couch ride and then take the belt out and put it on the thing that is spinning the rest is all YOU!



One Response

  1. plankwise paleoethnological diamondiferous noncritical sexagenary striaria limnologist gracilariid
    editors comment: what is with all these big words! You spelt gracilariid wrong though, sorry, i am an automatic spell check

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