Creative Kids Stuff Tip #5

OK – earlier i gave you guys ideas about fun and creative kids stuff to do. On july 4th # 5 was plant a garden. “5. You can plant your own garden in your front yard.” Some of my friends thought it was cool but not many kids our age have ever done that. So i thought i would do some homework and explain how. There are lots of kinds of gardens. The neat thing is when you plant stuff you can eat it later. Like at my Nani’s house she has a lemon tree, and apricot tree – most of the time we make lemonade from the lemons and sometimes me and my sisters sell it. But most of us can’t plant a tree in our bedrooms or on our patios so the best and easiest kid thing to do when it comes to gardening is planting herbs. Herbs are used to make teas or in spaghetti sauce but really are not spices. Spices are pepper or cinnamon and herbs are garlic or basil. Cats like the herb catnip. anyways im trying to explain the difference so you know but its not really what im trying to tell you. I want to tell you how to make a herb garden for your patio or bedroom, so you can use them and maybe sell them to your mom or dad for cooking or your friend for the cat to play with.

You need:
gardening tools (
forks, shovels, rakes)
herb seeds
large containers with drainage holes
seed-starting containers like a dixie cup or something small. you could even use wet paper towels.

Think about what Creative stuff you want to make.

Herbal salad dressing – Good herbs for salad dressing is tarragon, chives, basil, dill, rosemary, thyme, and lemon balm.Spaghetti herbs – Every kid loves spaghetti, imagine making it with stuff you grew…coool…you would want to plant basil, oregano, parsley, garlic.Herbal teas – I have kid friends who have families who drink tea and sometimes i might drink it but if you know anyone who wants homemade tea use Chamomile, lemon balm, peppermint, and spearmint are good, and you might make money if you make the teabags after you grow them

Prepare The Soil Most herb plants need six hours of sunrays per day and good soil in a pot that has holes so the water can drain. Use garden forks or shovels to loosen the soil do this in your pot after you put your soil in for up to of 8 to 12 inches deep in the pot before you start planting.

Starting from seed
– start herb seeds indoors under lights that you would use for a lizard or a snake or put your seeds in a sunny window. First put the seed in a little dixie cup of soil or in a wet papertowel (but you have to keep the papertowel wet which is harder so you should use a dixie cup) then later when the plant gets bigger you move them into the bigger planter where you prepared and turned the soil. transplant them to the garden. Love the seedlings – they are baby plants – love them like a puppy!!!!! 🙂 keep soil mix moist until seeds germinate (start to sprout). Ifyou are using a light or lights keep lights 3 to 6 inches above the plants,and water the seedlings whenever your soil or papertowel is dry. Herb seeds are small, if you start them indoors or in the garden make sure you plant them really close to the top of soil like half a thumb or if your like under 8 maybe a whole thumb. unless you have a long thumb.
As the seedling gets older move it outside longer and longer until you finally plant it in you garden or your out door planter – do this for like 3 weeks or something i put a chart down below….but until it gets bigger… you will figure it out. This makes your herbs healthy and strong.
If you want to dry herbs to use or sell for cooking spread them one by one on a tray or hang them in bundles using rubber bands to hold the stems together. Place the herbs in a dark in a place until they are completely dry that gets alot of air. then when they dry you can store them in the dark in tupperware, or use my Bubba’s company the best food container invention “SNAP SAVER”, it has to be something so air cant touch the herbs.

  • Indoor Herb Growing Chart

    Herb Days to germination How to start it
    basil 5 – 10 seeds/plants
    catnip 4 seeds/plants
    caraway 14+ seeds
    chives 7 seeds/divide plants
    chamomile 7 seeds/plants
    coriander 9 seeds
    cress 7 seeds
    dill 5 seeds
    fennel 6 seeds
    garlic plant cloves
    lavender plants
    lemon balm 7 seeds/cuttings/plants
    mints plants/cuttings/runners
    nasturtium 5 seeds
    oregano 30+ cuttings/plants/seeds
    parsley 20+ seeds (presoak)/plants
    rosemary 20+ seeds/cuttings/plants
    sage 28+ seeds/plants
    summer savory 5 seeds/plants
    tarragon plants
    thyme 20+ plants/divide plants/seeds

    make a cool plant journal too

    record your plants growth from baby to adult

    • 1 sheet 8 5/8″ x 13 1/4″ cover weight or heavier paper.
    • 8 sheets 8½” by 11″ paper (any combination of lined, unlined, or graph paper; use longer sheets if you want to have fold-out pages)
    • 32″ waxed linen thread or other strong narrow twine or heavyweight thread
    • 4″ piece of same thread or twine
    • A two-hole button (or a large one-hole bead with a smaller bead that a needle and thread can pass through)
    • A scrap of decorative paper to glue onto outside cover (e.g., marbled paper, paste paper, wallpaper).
    • Cork-back metal ruler or knitting needle for scoring lines
    • Awls (or plastic-handled needle tool) for poking holes
    • Straight darning or upholstery needles with eyes large enough to fit thread, and not much larger than width of needle. Stick them through yellow pieces of felt to help prevent them from getting lost.
    • Scissors
    • Bee’s wax or thread waxer (check with sewing supply stores)
    • Glue sticks (for adding decorative paper to covers)

    Bookmaking Instructions

    • Fold covers as directed by picture. The covers are 13¼” by 8 5/8″ to accommodate standard sized 8½” by 11″ text paper folded in half, with room for a fold-over cover flap.

    • Fold 6 to 8 sheets of paper in half. Carefully match corner to corner and top to bottom before creasing them.

    If you want to see a website that has more creative kids stuff go to

    Leave a comment to tell me if you like the creative kids stuff tips, if you have a tip tell me – or else i will talk about creative kids stuff tip #4 next….. until next time Goddessmomo is OUT! bye

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