Sorry guys, I couldn’t write in a week,but there was a lot of contests to fill you in, just a few days ago I went to the long beach aquarium, it was HUGE!!! I got to pet a shark,sting ray, and the freezing cold water.Big Mantaray swimmingin  the aquariumThey had a cool station named Build an animal, and I stuffed a penguin., we could’ve had clothes but that was too expensive and I didn’t need any of them they had. They only had cheerleading,football and something else. Well about the aquarium, There was this passport booklet that you could get and everywhere you go in the aquarium there might be an embossing station. That means you put your paper under ametal and it will leave a punched in picture. So you could do that with the booklet and also near every animal you could see or touch then it will have a page number so you could look up that animal on the one or two pages you had. Also you could go whale watching but we didn’t do that for 2 reasons 1. We didn’t have the time 2. I knew all you could see were dolphins.Kids at the aquarium Well that’s about all, If you went to an aquarium like I did please leave a comment about it and then leave your fake/real name and maybe I’ll make a post about your adventure, also more people may come to your site.


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  1. Don’t you hate when u dun have camera.
    I went Whale watching in the ocean (A HUGE aquaruium)
    When was the last time I went to an aquarium, probably the one in Singapore

    Editors Comment: YA I do, You live in SINGAPORE!!!!!

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