Everyone Help Zammy235!

Hey everyone, you should know Zammy235 by now, but he got banned real bad, Read this and do something to help Zammy235!

LISTEN everybody, if you could do me a favor and pass on the news. The news? I’m banned forever.

If someone can help me please visit my site, just click on my name.
I feel ashamed and I let everyone of my fans down!

I’m gonna miss the summer party and the pin and catalog. I’m in a big mess, I want everybody to know the news that happened today. I know you guys should say that you should feel ashamed, but I am and I want everybody to know and help me if they can, If you could pass on the news I will put you on my blogroll, if you have a site!


So every one help Zammy he is desperate



3 Responses

  1. cool ill help
    can u add me to ur top 20 list?
    Editors Comment: Sure #2 is available enjoy the number!

  2. hey im so srry that you got banned forever i will tryto find a way to help and i would like to be on your top 20 list #3 plz.

  3. Yeah. I know. Zammy is a good friend of mine now. BTW: His new site: http://cplliz.wordpress.com/editors comment: Cool, I’ll check his new site out L8er

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