New News

I am kind of bord writing about club penguin and my picture thing isn’t working so I will be talking/writing about toontown and sometimes other things.

Has anyone seen a snap-saver or ever bought a snap saver or even heard about a snap saver? Well if you have or you know what I am talking about, My grandpa and his friend Kate thought of the snap saver and manufactured it, ( this means made the idea and the actual snap saver. Here I will try to put a picture of one up but if it doesn’t show don’t blame me I am not the picture program.Lids and Bowls Mate for LifeHere if you see it good.

Ok, Who ever tried to beat a world record? If you did write a comment of what you tried to do. In other cases do you know Alex from the naked brothers band? the tv show. Remember when he counted I think 1 million grains of sand? Well tell me in a comment if someone like Jessie was pressuring you to beat the record.

Ok I more thing, Stand up Comedy. I kind of get it but same thing Comedy and Stand up Comedy. Who makes someone laugh ALOT, Well Cheese from Fosters home from imaginary friends always makes me laugh, he should enter contests and stuff, If you are a person who knows real funny apropiate jokes then leave a comment and if you are a winner then you will get a really cool poster that some people can’t get by email!

See ya,

Have a good time writing comments,



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