Hey peoples,

There is a few concerts that I know of, first one is a wells Fargo contest you make up an essay that is based on you getting in a timemachine and you go out of it in whatever timeperiod and you make up the rest. Your school gets $500 if you win and you get a $100 savings account!( this might only be for Turtle Rock Elementry School 4th graders.

second one, a superstastic story contest. You make a good picture send it in to me and if you have the best story it will be put up on this website and you will get a super cool prize whether your a girl or a boy.

and third, Calling all artists to a drawing contest! You draw your best picture of a penguin,panda,igguanna or a bighorn sheep. I will pick the top 3 drawings and post them on my website and i will enter your drawing in at a websited called . This is how it works draw a picture on paint then attach it to an email sending to then tell me your first name and i will enter it. Second way you draw a picture on paper scan it then send it to me with a first name and i will enter it.

Ok thats al the contests for now, please do at least one.

See ya,



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  1. rad idea … whats the prize?

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