Have you ever known someone who loves to do homework? Well I have but it is very rare to find someone. I just trasferred to a plublic school and it is my very first time there, and now I have to do all this HW! Ugh, so boring! Sometimes if I get really mad at my math HW then I would crunch it a little bit with my figertips. But know I just say UGHHHHHHHH!!!!!! at my mom.

           Who likes Socail Studies? Yeah most of you do, I did too but now I am just sick plain bored with it, same with the HW! OH MY GOSH!!!! Don’t even get me started with partner buddies! I get picked always with this one girl who thinks she is everything! Even though it is random because we have sticks in a cup and each one has our class number on it!        Boring and maddening scale: 

                                                      Math =  Socail Studies

see ya later,


PS: leave a comment of what you think!


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  1. Hey Momo … Miss ya lots. email or call when you have a chance… my gosh you havent had an entry in almost week — I know clubpenguin has got more going on than that ! 🙂

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