More Clubpenguin glitches

Hey here is a glitch that you will enjoy.

A. Moving other penguins furniture.

1. go to your igloo and click edit igloo up your penguin card (DO NOT CLOSE EDIT IGLOO)

3. Click the spy phone button that says visit HQ

4. Go to anyones igloo

5. start clicking on furniture and moving it around

Caution: other penguins might not see it remember it is a glitch glitches are things that mess up the computer and lets you do things yopu usually don’t do.

Thanks alot,



6 Responses

  1. Nice site! See ya later alliGAYtor. In a while Crocadile!

  2. hey dude or dudette, delta here,
    kool site try to use more pictures though and if it gets better i’m put it on my boggroll
    ps whats your penguin name.

  3. Hey deltatrooper,
    my penguin name is Goddessmomo.

  4. Thanks Pukalicous!

  5. fo to my site its call plz go on my siteeditors comment: Alright I will

  6. go to my site plz its called
    editors comment: Ok i will check it out

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