The Rockhopper’s back!

Yep thats right,

He came back with a famous stowaway penguin in clubpenguin called Bamadee. If you look in Rockhoppers book, at the very last page there is a picture of a bracelet, click it and you get a friendship bracelet. It is absoulutly free! That is the best place to hide something, in a book so people would unlikley look in there. Then that item would be rare.

Bamadees bracelet


One Response

  1. i have had a hard time find rockhopper what should i do?
    Editors Comment: Very good question, If you have a hard time finding rockhopper then you should check if he is still here, and go to every place on the map, if you see a HUGE croud of penguins saying soo many things then rockhopper is there in that croud somewhere. If not then he is still in his room in the pirate ship writing in his captain journal that he shares with all the penguins.

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