today at clubpenguin

Today March 5, my half b-day people are getting along very well. I have seen penguins laughing with eachother and at their jokes, I have seen lots of advertising like for spas, hotels,adoptions and all sorts of stuff. I see that penguins are wearing the new fashion for the clothing catologue and I see some penguins with the secret clothing. Those secret helmets and stuff are very tricky to find. On March 9, in 4 days the Migrator, Captain Rockhopper and Yarr are coming back to Clubpenguin ( and also the stow away penguin). I wonder what they will bring? Penguins and reporters say that Rockhopper will have to make a quick swifty trip this time. Who could not wonder about what items captain rockhopper will bring, mabye another puffle, mabe a drink of soda, who knows it could be as exciting and big as a puffle or as boring and dull as a drink of soda,. But Rock hopper always brings something and least 2 or 3 things that are exciting and big. For instance the gold watch was cool, but remember the ship in the bottle that was even cooler.

Need to go, More news later.




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